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Whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply want to maintain good health, Dr. John P. Pinto of Advanced Wellness of Westfield in Westfield, New Jersey, is your partner in chiropractic rehabilitation. The scope of care goes beyond treating an acute injury with chiropractic intervention and extends into recovery and prevention. If you’re ready to take hold of complete wellness, call the office today.

Rehabilitation Q & A

by John Pinto, D.C.

What is the theory behind chiropractic rehabilitation?

When a sick person seeks treatment with conventional medicine, their symptoms are treated, with care typically ending when symptoms end. While it’s true that chiropractic care can be used in the same way, that doesn’t take advantage of the full range of benefits that chiropractic offers. Unlike a medication or surgery, chiropractic care doesn’t have a targeted symptomatic outcome. The intention of treatment is to restore the body’s own systems to a point of balance, from which natural healing maintains day-to-day health. Proper use of chiropractic care doesn’t only deliver healing, it also helps avoid illness.

How does chiropractic rehabilitation progress?

Much depends on the patient’s starting point, including how long they’ve endured an issue, and how committed they are to recovering their health. Without such commitment, the rehabilitation process has trouble moving forward, since not all components of a rehabilitation program happen at the Advanced Wellness offices. A key component of rehab is stretching and strengthening exercises that patients do at home. Most find that the time involved is minimal, and they’re able to combine stretches and exercises with activities such as TV viewing.

In many cases, chiropractic rehabilitation takes time, just as the pains and injuries developed slowly over time. Dr. Pinto’s treatments begin to correct the imbalances of the spine. At the same time, the stretches and exercises done at home help preserve the gains in mobility provided by the doctor’s adjustments. As the patient’s strength and flexibility increase, treatment moves into the maintenance and upkeep phase.

Are there other aspects to the rehabilitation process?

There can be. For example, lower back strain often results from carrying extra weight around the torso. Dr. Pinto can assist in diet and lifestyle modification to combat extra weight. He also provides acupuncture and auricular therapy, augmenting traditional chiropractic with principles of Chinese medicine.

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