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Neuropathy, or nerve damage, is a symptom of many injuries and disorders. Often a result of high blood sugar in people with diabetes, the symptoms of neuropathy range from tingling to severe sensitivity and pain. Dr. John P. Pinto of Advanced Wellness of Westfield in Westfield, New Jersey, provides care that slows or stops the advance of neuropathy. Call today to make an appointment.

Neuropathy Treatment Q & A

by John Pinto, D.C.

What is neuropathy?

Neuropathy is the medical word for nerve damage. This damage may affect sensory, motor, or autonomic nerves, resulting in a variety of symptoms, from tingling and numbness to digestive issues and paralysis. The most common form of neuropathy is nerve damage to the feet and hands, called peripheral neuropathy. The condition can result from injuries, genetically inherited conditions, toxin exposure, infections, or metabolic issues. More than half of the people who suffer from diabetes develop some level of peripheral neuropathy. The pain created by the nerve damage can range from mild to severe, though often symptoms improve with time, particularly if the underlying cause of neuropathy is under control.

What are the symptoms of neuropathy?

The types of symptoms a patient experiences depends on which nerves are damaged. Sensory nerves produce symptoms related to touch, temperature, pain, and vibration. Motor nerves may produce spasmodic symptoms or muscle weakness, while autonomic nerves affect functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion. Among the most common symptoms are:

  • Gradual onset of tingling, numbness, and/or pain, usually starting in the feet and hands
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Sensations similar to burning or freezing
  • Coordination issues
  • Muscle weakness and mild paralysis, such as Bell’s palsy
  • Problems with regulating body temperature
  • Changes in heart rate or blood pressure

How does Dr. Pinto treat neuropathy?

Dr. Pinto provides 2 effective approaches to neuropathy treatment. Chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations are ideal for restoring the body’s own repair systems, depending on the affected area. There’s always a chance that the sensations are caused by pressure or damage to the nerves. Because the affected nerve may be in a different location than where the symptoms are felt, treating the entire spine provides the best chances for eliminating problems.

Acupuncture is an excellent complementary therapy for chiropractic treatment, as it also encourages the natural healing systems of the body. Dr. Pinto is also a certified acupuncture practitioner.

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