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Sciatica Pain Treatment 

Your spinal cord is your body’s nerve center. Nerves branch out from your spinal cord to control muscle movements and the ability to feels sensations (such as heat, cold or pain). The nerve that controls your lower leg is the sciatic nerve. It is the longest nerve in your body, running from your lower back and down the back of each leg.

Your spine is the housing that protects your spinal cord, composed of individual bones called vertebrae. Cushions between each individual vertebra, called discs, act as shock absorbers.

Occasionally, the soft cushiony center of a disc pops out and puts pressure on surrounding nerves. This is a herniated disc. Sciatica often occurs when a herniation presses on the sciatic nerve. Another possible cause of sciatic is a bone spur, or an overgrowth of bone.

Symptoms of sciatica include pain that travels the path of the sciatic nerve – from your lower back and down one leg or the other. The pain can be anything from a mild ache to a burning sensation, and sometimes there is also numbness, tingling or muscle weakness.

Some people are more prone to sciatica than others are, and risk factors include age, excessive body weight, a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes – and rarely, a tumor.

Dr. John Pinto and the team at Advanced Wellness of Westfield are dedicated to restoring pain-free function without the use of surgery or medications.

The first step of our chiropractic care is to diagnose the source of your back pain. We’ll start with a comprehensive review of your history and a physical exam (including your back, muscle strength and reflexes). Diagnostics may also include a digital x-ray, MRI or CT scan to rule out other causes for your pain.

Dr. Pinto uses a chiropractic technique, called adjustments, to manipulate misaligned vertebrae back into proper position. Our team will show you self-care techniques, such as hot or cold compresses, exercises that strengthen your abdomen and lower back, proper posture and good body mechanics.

If you are experiencing the pain of sciatica, please call our office at (908) 228-5911 to learn more about adjustments and our other chiropractic care services.

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