Herniated Disc treatment in Westfield, Clark and Cranford, NJ.

Your spine is composed of 33 individual vertebrae with flexible cushions (or discs) between each. It’s major function is to surround and protect the delicate spinal cord that delivers messages from the brain to your body’s muscles and nerves. The spine is also the support column for your head and back, the foundation for all of the movements we perform everyday – walking, bending, twisting, turning and lifting.

Like shock absorbers, discs cushion each vertebrae and soak up a lot of stress and strain; however, they can just as easily feel the effects of age, wear and tear, poor posture and improper body mechanics (such as lifting a heavy box with your back muscles instead of your leg muscles).

Herniated (or ruptured) discs occur when the cushiony soft center of the disc pops out and puts pressure on nerves surrounding the spine.

Sometimes there are no symptoms to alert you to a herniated disc; others times you may feel arm or leg pain, numbness or tingling. Diagnostic tests identify herniated discs, and mild to moderate herniations are generally treated with exercise and stretching. Chiropractic care from Advanced Wellness of Westfield is ideal for any treatment plan.

Dr. John Pinto and the Advance Wellness of Westfield team offer numerous care options to improve back and neck pain. We’ll help reduce your pain, continue treatment after pain has subsided (to ensure symptoms have gone) and ensure that you learn proper body mechanics, exercise and nutrition to maintain your health.

In addition to adjustments to realign your spine, we also offer spinal decompression therapy for chronic pain management. This gentle treatment addresses the underlying cause of your back pain with precise, computerized adjustments on a special table called the DRX9000. The gentle thumping action is relaxing and therapeutic.

We provide Herniated Disc Treatment services to Clark, Scotch Plains, Cranford, Summit, Springfield, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights, and New Providence NJ. Contact us online or call 908-378-8966 today to find out how we can help you.

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