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Atlas Orthogonal Technique in Westfield, NJ

Your neck is composed of 7 vertebrae, called the cervical vertebrae. The very first vertebra – the one that attaches to your skull – is called the Atlas vertebra. It’s an important name for an important little bone; the Atlas supports the full weight of your head and allows it to rotate, bend and twist.

A misalignment of the Atlas vertebra can create an imbalance affecting your entire spine –as well as the muscles and nerves that attach to it. As a result, you may experience any number of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Realigning the Atlas – or moving it back into its proper position over the center of your neck – corrects imbalance, wear and tear, and releases constricted nerves and muscles.

Through examination and x-rays, Dr. John Pinto at Advanced Wellness of Westfield can confirm whether your first vertebra, the Atlas, is out of alignment. He then uses a chiropractic technique, the Atlas Orthogonal technique, to return your spine to its proper alignment and allow your body to heal.

The Atlas Orthogonal technique uses a gentle and pain-free instrument that transmits a sound vibration to the side of your neck. Unlike other spinal adjustments, there is no manual manipulation.

For more information about the Atlas Orthogonal Technique – and our other chiropractic care services – please call Advanced Wellness of Westfield at (908) 228-5911. We serve Westfield, Scotch Plains, Cranford and surrounding areas.


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